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 Kyel Kilsek Application

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PostSubject: Kyel Kilsek Application   Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:43 pm

Application Format:


- Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an avid MMO player who prefers Sci Fi over fantasy. When I like a game, I stick with it for a long while. I am tired of WOW like games and was saddened when Tabula Rasa failed. I have been playing EO now for about 15 days on my second account. I had tried a trial account a while back, set the game to the side and came back to try again to be sure I like the game.

I live in New Hampshire USA. I am married, have two kids and a dog. I am a recreational player showing up two or three times a week.

[EVE Experience]

- How long have you been playing?

I have been on for about 25 days total time between 2 trial accounts.

- Which races and classes of ships do you fly?

I am Amarr flying a bestower now, soon to have a mining barge. I am trained up to handle one.

- Which ships do you plan to fly?

I plan on mining for a while and experimenting with other characters to learn various aspects of the game. I am also interested in combat later in the game.


- Where is your character at, today; which skills do you have and what do you use them for?

I am geared for mining

- Where is your character headed, which role would you like to fit?

Kyel Kilsek is a miner and will be a miner. Scordite smells sweet in my nostrils. I hope to be going for better stuff.

[More information about you]

- What do you mostly spend your isk on?

Equipment and upgrades

- How often do you play and in which timezone? (this will not affect our decision)

I play 2 to 3 times a week, mostly early morning on Sunday and Monday, EST

- Where or how did you hear about us.


- Why do you think you would make a good addition to the corp.

I am an honest player with a desire to learn the game. I help my fellow teammates out and prefer to work cooperatively.

End of application.
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Marion Dreyvin

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PostSubject: Re: Kyel Kilsek Application   Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:49 am

Thank you for your application, I will talk with you in game.

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Kyel Kilsek Application
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